Our prices are split into two sections which are described below.



The live event day is big, it’s important, it’s stressful.  We can take care of the complexities if you wish.  Below, we have three options for the level of service you want to receive on the day.  We price these service per day as we believe that even for a one hour presentation, our support will be valuable to you all day.


Function Be My Superman Hold My Hand Lone Ranger
Branding setup INC. INC. £85
Content Design & Copyright INC. £150 £150
Asset Management & Upload INC. INC. £110
Email reminders INC. £75 £75
Speaker Training INC. £250 £250
Live Event Engineer INC. £450 £450



Prices start with a 500 user stream.  These users can be anywhere in the world and can view on any device (must have a good internet connection).  These prices include real-time metrics and a 12 month archive.

500 users 2000 users 5000 users
30 Minutes £200 £750 £1,400
1 Hour £350 £1,400 £2,500
2 Hours £600 £2,500 £4,350

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