Online video is becoming more prevalent than ever. Corporate webcasting for Investor Relations and Annual General Meetings has been important for a while but now that online video is a regular part of life for the consumer, online events are almost a requirement. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo Live have made access to online video simple to use and a regular part of every day life. Videos can be streaming on our laptops and our mobiles and shared with friends and colleagues at the click of a button.

When planning the online element of an event, it’s important to fully evaluate the requirement. The video might be online to increase reach to a larger audience, or to a niche audience who can’t make it. It might be that the audience is spread over the globe or it might just be important to archive the event online. Sometimes, it’s important that it’s really simple to access and other times access must be restricted to only those with specific clearance. Online content can be free to access and available to share or it might be charged for. Often, it’s critical that those watching the content live can communicate with those presenting or even other audience members. They might want to take part in conversations or polling, they might want to ask the presenter specific questions.

Each combination of features and functionality leads us to a different platform or technology. The platform doesn’t work for all requirements. For example, we are not Facebook and all your friends are not already signed up! This platform does however offer a comprehensive feature set targeted at corporate clients who require secure, measured access with good metrics. Our slide sharing feature is perfect for ease of use and clarity of graphics.

If you want to talk through specific requirements, please feel free to give us a call.

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